Julian Pace - Vocalist, Guitarist, and Songwriter



Julian is the older of the two Pace Brothers and the leader of the outfit. He is married to the lovely Allison Marie Hamilton Pace. The have one daughter, Gabriella, and a son, Josiah. Julian has his Bachelor of Arts in Music from Armstrong State University and has completed a Masters of Theology. He is currently pursuing an MA in Biblical Studies. He is an ordained minister and is an evangelist with Risen Savior Ministries, Inc. You can find out more about his ministry at www.risensaviormin.org.

Julian began playing guitar at the age of eleven under King Middleton and later, Ricky Standard. He began writing songs and performing live at the age of sixteen. Julian's original composition, "The Captive of the Gentle, Gentle Wind" won the Savannah Folk Society's (2009) Young Songwriter of the Year Award, which included a performance at Grayson Stadium in Savannah, Georgia. Julian plays live quite often and loves singing, writing, and playing gospel music. He is thankful for the continual support of his family throughout all of his musical endeavors. Most of all, he thanks God for giving him the opportunity to do what he loves. Julian looks forward to a full-time career in music that glorifies God in every respect.



Ethan Pace - Vocalist, Fiddler, Bassist, Resident Artist and Lunatic

Ethan Pace is the younger of the two Pace Brothers. He is married to the quirky Robin Amanda Hess Pace. They have one daughter, Caledonia. Ethan has his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Armstrong State University. He works for Gulfstream Aerospace in the Research and Development Center. He loves to play the fiddle and sing harmony with his older brother, Julian.

Ethan's "musical journey" began with playing the piano, and as a young, impatient child the entire affair was very disagreeable to him - so he switched to classical violin.  Later, he would study "fiddle" under the nationally recognized master fiddler Eddie Hoover. Mr. Hoover taught Ethan to play the upright bass as well. As a stubborn boy, Ethan was (practically) forced to learn to sing harmony by his brother Julian - for which he is now very thankful.